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Biovène Barcelona innovates prestigious products defined as ’premium’ but accessible and believes beauty should be fair- be it of religion, ethnicity, or any part of life,-it should not limit the access to life and beauty. Born in Barcelona, Spain, the brand embraces diversity in gender identity and culture like its world renowned inclusive city. Spanning all over the globe, from Europe, to the Middle East & America,  Biovène Barcelona, is an award-winning, socially conscious, brand. Biovène Barcelona promotes Clean Beauty and where you can find easy transparency in the formulations without: Sulfates, SLS, SLES, parabens, formaldehyes, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, hydroquinone, Triclosan, Triclocarban and less than 1% of synthetic fragrances. The brand does not test on animals, and provide product options that are vegetarian or vegan.

Pursuing a sustainable corporate strategy the company is supporting global environmental projects through the sales of the product/lines, with Plant For Planet’s Foundation of planting trees, in Campeche, Mexico.

Supporting, a global charity raising awareness and organising local beach cleanups in Spain (Barcelona, Valencia & Malaga).

Biovène Barcelona encourages its customers to partake in collaborations they run with partners they work with to also do their part, such being, a sustainable e-commerce and RaaS (Recycling as a Service) Platform. transforms the way consumers buy by enabling anyone to acquire sustainable products online and ensure their recovery for recycling on demand. As a moble application it enables recycling in the home by connecting with independent local couriers, who recover rubbish and also deliver goods from any shop in a city.  

At the heart of Biovène Barcelona  is to create a community of ‘beauty activist’ who truly want to support global change. 

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Biovène Barcelona

The Perfect V

The company that started the conversation about women’s unmet need for luxury grooming products
specifically for the bikini area - the V. The first full line of luxury skincare to treat and pamper the V.

Based in NYC, the line was conceived by Avonda Urben, while living in Scandinavia and being
influenced by the Nordic natural lifestyle. Launched in Copenhagen June 2017. Full product & range visit:




No Mo-Stache

Busy women know, making time for salon visits is not always an option. Even if you are religious about your hair removal appointments or at home routine - there’s always bound to be a stray hair or two (or more likely - twenty!) that suddenly sprouts out of nowhere before a big event.  After spotting errant hairs in the car mirror a few too many times that didn’t seem to be there in the morning, fashion industry executive Gita Vasseghi decided that she’d had enough. 


She created a solution for this all too common issue - And started a waxing revolution! No Mo-Stache - portable waxing strips take hair removal out of the salon, out of the home and free you up to remove hair in seconds anywhere (yes, even in your car!).


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My. Haircare

Multi-Award Winning (Peta-Approved) My. Haircare's first line: Infuse My. Colour Shampoos are the first release in the My. Haircare line. Ruby, Cobalt, Copper, Platinum and Gold, Infuse My. Colour Shampoos are vegan biodegradable colour as you wash your hair for immediate colour refreshment and tone.  


Infuse My. Colour Shampoo retails globally at, & nationwide at Love It retails in other countries-Laconicum (Spain)Germany, Greece, Australia,  and Sephora's in South East Asia.

It is the GOLD Winner of Best New Hair Care 2017 at Pure Beauty Awards, Editor's Choice Winner 2018 for Beauty ShortList Awards, Winner of Best Shampoo & Conditioner of Hair Awards 2018, Winner of Janey Loves Beauty Awards 2018.

It has shortlisted as finalists for Pure Beauty Awards 2018 for Best New Haircare.


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Unique in its design, the SPHYNX Portable Razor can be used for on-the-go retouching and is unlike traditional razors and has everything needed to shave out of the shower. Each razor contains one refillable water spray bottle, one moisturizing bar and two razor blades. The female-founded company launched two years ago in the USA by Leila Kashani, creating the world's first all-in-one portable razor perfect for touch-ups. 



Barbara Montagnoli Atelier

Having had several decades of experience in bespoke dress-making, within Crema, Milan, Italian Atelier Barbara Montagnoli brings her bespoke service and label to the U.K. Barbara’s designs champions in both the attention to the mock-up and the careful selection of fine textiles to flatter any shape and size of each woman that she dresses.


For more information about Barbara Montagnoli pret-a-porter, and her accessories line- La Colleteria visit:



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