FIERCE by Pietro Simone

Celebrity Esthetician & Beauty Expert, Pietro Simone, has dedicated 20 years in extensive research into spearheading a positive global evolution on how we all approach beauty, anti-ageing, and simply, ‘the skin’. His global luxury clinics are renowned for its diverse range of skills, treatments, and technology- in providing cutting edge results in the rejuvenation of skin and body. 


His latest, and third collection, FIERCE, is born out of what Simone describes as ‘a Evolutionary Evolution’ – or quite simply, where the skin meets its demands. Simone’s inspiration in the creation of FIERCE is quintessentially who he is; as during the Covid pandemic & lock downs he experienced his own issues with hormonal changes & imbalances resulting in personal challenges. With FIERCE he has created a line that is sustainable and traceable while taking care of the world & our people-making a difference-with leaps not steps.


The collection is the answer to any disclosures of the skin-from the psychological, to emotional and everyday. It addresses not only the health & wellbeing of the skin, but is able to achieve it- through natural ingredients, and advanced technology. Like his two existing lines Prestige & Essential Collection, FIERCE also contains Simone’s exclusive Italian Bella ComplexTM- Pietro Simone’s signature compound which supports skin’s regeneration process- creating the perfect unison where purity meets performance in a formula.


This extraordinary collection is ‘not just another pot of IT cream’, but an answer for each individual to achieve inclusivity and address their individuality. 


FIERCE by Pietro Simone

The Perfect V

The company that started the conversation about women’s unmet need for luxury grooming products
specifically for the bikini area - the V. The first full line of luxury skincare to treat and pamper the V.

Based in NYC, the line was conceived by Avonda Urben, while living in Scandinavia and being
influenced by the Nordic natural lifestyle. Launched in Copenhagen June 2017. Full product & range visit:




Wild Pharmacy 

Specializing in wild plants and natural ingredients, Wild Pharmacy is a skin care series that has the ability to heal and keep problem and blemished skin at its optimum health and condition. The range champions in specializing in wild plants, and harvesting not just natural and organic ingredients, but also on nature’s rhythms’- creating a synergy or formula that works as truly ‘nature intended’. 


At the core of Wild Pharmacy’s values is their ethos of each individual seeing themselves as a whole. So be gentle to yourself, and to others. The company encourages all to not lose hope or self confidence. This is why there are little messages on each bottle as a reminder.  Remember, being ‘naturally you (also intended natural for the skincare) is the best version of you-can be!


Pursuing the ‘whole’ strategy to both its’ product and corporate strategy, each Wild Pharmacy product contains an encouraging saying or quote to brighten up your day as well as your outlook- it’s not just about what is outside but what is inside too. The brand supports campaigns and projects on anti-bullying of young people, cyber-bullying, and over all mental wellness & health of Gen-Z. 


Wild Pharmacy

Celebrity Feng Shui Expert- Marites Allen

Celebrity Feng Shui Expert Marites Allen has been advocating Feng Shui for over two decades, and was the first Filipina to be awarded the prestigious title of “Master in Feng Shui” by the International Feng Shui Association in 2013. She has cultivated a wide global following from her own TV show, annual conventions and talks, self authored books and works on projects with international architects and commercial contractors in the property sector, from planning stages to implementation and design. She frequently appears on global radio, TV and social media guestings- including ITV THIS MORNING and CNN. Allen consults for Fortune 500 companies and is the CEO of Frigga Charmed Life, a lifestyle brand whose lucky fashion accessories fulfil the need to be stylish and auspicious at the same time. She currently lives in London. For home consultations, destiny readings, guidance on wellness and spirituality practices, auspicious dates and Geomancy Service contact Shop her lucky charms and guides at Follow her on Instagram @maritesallen



Rose & Caramel

Rose & Caramel was created in 2010 by, Rosie & her business partner Carmel, in a quest to create the ‘Perfect’ Self Tan. Upon a chance meeting, with medical herbalist, Mr. G. Alexander, the ladies started their range with endless concoctions that they trialled on their clientele within their own beauty salon. Their first breakthrough was the launch of Nudity Aerosol- a world’s first cream based spray tan that develops on skin cells-giving tanners across the globe a mess-free home tanning experience & routine. The company continues from strength to strength with a full tanning range to suit all skin tones and continues with first innovations such as their multi- award-winning Purity Self Tan Removing Bubble Bath. The ethos of the brand is to put love, thought & logic into each product to achieve the best tan possible while caring for the environment.



Rose & Caramel

My. Haircare

Multi-Award Winning (Peta-Approved) My. Haircare's first line: Infuse My. Colour Shampoos are the first release in the My. Haircare line. Ruby, Cobalt, Copper, Platinum and Gold, Infuse My. Colour Shampoos are vegan biodegradable colour as you wash your hair for immediate colour refreshment and tone.  


Infuse My. Colour Shampoo retails globally at, & nationwide at Love It retails in other countries-Laconicum (Spain)Germany, Greece, Australia,  and Sephora's in South East Asia.

It is the GOLD Winner of Best New Hair Care 2017 at Pure Beauty Awards, Editor's Choice Winner 2018 for Beauty ShortList Awards, Winner of Best Shampoo & Conditioner of Hair Awards 2018, Winner of Janey Loves Beauty Awards 2018.

It has shortlisted as finalists for Pure Beauty Awards 2018 for Best New Haircare.


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