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We are a boutique P.R. & Communications service; and rather like when you shop in a luxury boutique, our service to our client's is bespoke. We have personal conversations with our clientele about their visions. We understand that no two businesses are alike, and likewise, no two challenges, for even similar businesses, which are faced can be the same. We love having those summer 'fire camp' types talks with our client's and plan out your campaigns for TRUE 'glory'. And we know our client's are pleased as something good always goes....'Word Of Mouth' doesn't it? 


Find out below all our offerings....

Our Offerings....

Our P.R.

Our P.R. gets you recognized in major consumer titles, and your brand buzzing and always at the forefront of a conversation. 

Marketing that makes good 'Cents'

Marketing is not another fancy word we use to say what we do. We know it has to count and make cents! So if you're looking for ROI through your digital campaign management look no further.

Retail Operations 

We know that starting up your own business can be hard-be it digital or an actual shop! Our experience in retail & operations can lead you to the steps to make your business a reality! 

Cosmetic NPD & Bespoke Projects

Should you be a brand that already exists or someone who is looking to start a new brand

our NPD department can give you the best advice and guide you through step by step. Ask us about this today.


PR hosting & press events for your best face forward for Interviews & Press Features....

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